Secretary-General Guterres expresses his gratitude to WMO for World Environment Day 


In case you missed it, on Wednesday 5 July (World Environment Day) UN Secretary-General Guterres delivered a pivotal speech at the American Museum of Natural History sharing some hard-hitting truths about the state of the climate. 

WMO also launched the Global Annual to Decadal Update on World Environment Day to coincide with his speech. 

In his address, he referenced data from WMO, the UK Met Office (WMO Lead Centre for
Annual-to-Decadal Climate Prediction) and the Copernicus Climate Change Service (provider of authoritative information about the past, present and future climate in Europe and the rest of the World).

This is the outcome of an incredible collaboration between WMO, the UNSG office, the UK Met Office and Copernicus. I am very grateful to everyone involved in making this day a success, including our staff members who worked closely with the UNSG speechwriters to fact-check the data-driven elements of his inspirational speech.

I am very proud to share that Secretary-General Guterres called me today to personally express his appreciation for our work, our commitment to climate action, and the importance of scientific and robust information. These words of gratitude are directed to all of you.

Once again, a big thank you and congratulations! 
Your motivation, passion and commitment never go unnoticed.

Wednesday 5, July

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