Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the decision-making body of the CREWS Initiative. Members decide by consensus.  



  • defines and amends governance rules and responsibilities of the CREWS Initiative 


  • sets strategy, approves policies, and ensures operations are aligned with purpose and objectives  


  • decides on priority investments, allocates funding, gives the green light for project launch or extension  


  • monitors operational progress, reviews financial reports, approves the Secretariat’s annual budget 

Who’s who

The Steering Committee is composed of donor Member States as decision-makers.  

The CREWS Secretariat, the Trustee of the Trust Fund and Implementing Partners contribute as non-decision-making participants. The Secretariat and the Trustee must always participate at a Steering Committee meeting along with Members. 

The Committee can also invite countries thinking of contributing to the CREWS Initiative, organizations, or specialists to attend meetings as non-decision-making observers.  

Members are represented by nationally appointed government officials. They take it in turn each year to Chair the Steering Committee but can renew for one more year.